Our Mission
Our mission is to promote a safer interstate 95 as well as safe driving in general in the South Florida region, help lobby governing bodies for safer roadways and create educational awareness campaigns promoting safe driving practices in our region.
    About us
aSafer95 is a grass roots organization.  Originally founded in 2006 by its founder Jay Shapiro who was tired of being terrified while commuting on 95 and seeing accidents occur almost on a daily basis. The organization went dormant due to a lack of funding and the founder being involved with other projects.  In April 2019 the original founder was actually involved in an accident on interstate 95.  He then knew it was his calling to revive the organization and make it successful and help save lives.

Our goal is to create social media campaigns by producing memorable yet educational memes and flyers related to traffic safety in the areas of: Not texting or using phones while driving, wearing seat belts, using turn signals, looking over your shoulder before making lane changes and not drinking and driving.

Sometimes the rodeways are unsafe based on government greed.  Unsafe pay lanes, cheap construction and improper design.  It is our objective to help lobby the governing bodies and serve as a voice for people who want to once again feel safe driving or riding on 95.
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